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Smart Solutions for Smart Grids

Petrobrás, one of the biggest oil-producing companies of the world, invests in more facility efficiency and reliability.

In January 2014, two of its thermoelectric plants started to control and maintain their energy substations using Treetech technology.

UTE Baixada Fluminense, in Seropédica-Rio de Janeiro, with an installed capacity of 530 MW began operating the generator unit 1 (172 MW) with power transformers supplied by WEG. Those machines have left the factory completely equipped with Treetech IEDs and are integrated to the Sigma4net monitoring software for online follow up of the main parameters that indicate operating anomalies.

The system functions include:

– Temperature (TM1)

– Voltage Regulation (AVR)

– Gas and Moisture (GMP)

– Bushings(BM)

– Membrane (MBR)

Therefore, since the transformers started to operate, Petrobras has had access to the diagnostics and prognostics which allow the best decisions to be made to keep the plant always available.

On the other hand,  UTE Euzébio Rock, in Cubatão-SP, connected to the SIN system (with 216 MW installed power) has updated the facilities that have operated since 2010.04 power transformers were integrated to the unit’s company software.

With the purpose of obtaining safety and agility, the following was considered:

– Bushing Monitors (BM) to check the integrity of the capacitive bushings;

– Moisture Monitors (MO) for the control of operating restrictions due to the presence of water in the insulating oil;

– Temperature Monitors (TM1) for machine control and thermal protection.

In addition to that, all collected information is shared with the plant’s event recording system, via OPC driver. Therefore, the same reliable source is responsible for sharing information with the several teams involved in transformer operation and maintenance.

By applying these asset management concepts. Petrobras, through Treetech tools, can forecast failures and keep the whole system up and running, thus promoting continuous power supply and energy distribution system efficiency.

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