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logo-tbe-ecteThe ECTE, first member of the TBE Group, started operating in March 2002 and currently integrates the power transmission system in the State of Santa Catarina. This company covers approximately 252.5 km with 525 kV transmission lines, has bays in two substations and an autotransformer bank of 525/230/13,8 kV of 672 MVA. This project was undertaken as a result of the pioneering partnership between private investors and the public sector, which started in the auction held by ANEEL in 1999.

The TBE Group (Brazilian Power Transmission Companies) operates in the states of Pará, Maranhão, Santa Catarina, Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais, and is included in the National Interconnected System – SIN. ECTE’s performance aims at assuring power supply to the eastern region and coast and the state of Santa Catarina, meeting the growing demand for electricity in the South-Southeastern regions and providing the SIN with greater operational reliability.

area atuacao ecte

ECTE System Modernization

In November, 2010, ECTE, in partnership with Treetech Digital Systems, carried out improvement works at the 525 kV transformer bank installed at Blumenau substation.

Improvements done aim at increasing the operation reliability of the installed assets by using IEDs to monitor transformers.  The project predicts full monitoring of the capacitive bushings, and also the removal and replacement of the old analog thermometers with digital temperature monitors for 3 windings.

Adaptador de TAP do Monitor de Buchas-BM

These devices are connected and sending information (measurements) to a data center located at the ECTE’s headquarters in Florianopolis through a cellular modem. This information is remotely accessed through the asset monitoring and and asset management software Sigma4net ™.

“By acquiring and installing online monitoring in our autotransformer bank, our expectation is that we will effectively preserve our expensive equipment as much as possible, and avoid unpleasant surprises,” says TBE’s Eng. Jose Antonio Grilo Rennó.

Eletrobras Eletrosul, which is responsible for the operation and maintenance of these facilities, has access to the same information. Therefore, they can track the performance of each one of the monitored assets and develop efficient plans to maintain them.  According to Rennó, “the partnership to use the system with the dedicated staff of ELETROSUL, our O & M contractor, will for sure bring us good results in terms of data monitoring and analysis.”

During the process of installation of the new ECTE monitoring system, the maintenance engineering department and maintenance teams at Eletrosul have followed up on the work and given total support at the substation.  “We cannot fail to highlight the commitment of installation professionals working for the sensor supplier, showing that the work must be well done and concluded within the predetermined time frames,” engineer Rennó concludes.

Fig. 3 – Novos monitores de temperaturas digitais (TM1 e TM2)

“The dedication of the ECTE and Eletrosul teams was essential to conclude the work, showcasing all skills and importance of teamwork,” remarks Treetech’s Application Engineer Rafael Fehlberg.

Treetech, by using its new service SAM (Smart Asset Management ™), will provide expert advice on asset management, monitoring and performing analysis of the data collected for a period of 6 months. The following services are included in this scope:

  • Follow-up on the online diagnostics of the transformer status of through the Sigma monitoring systems;
  • Interpretation of alarms and alerts according to standards and procedures applicable to normal and contingent operating conditions;
  • Recommendations for maintenance, operation and planning actions;
  • Standardization of actions and communication in the maintenance area;
  • Identification of asset efficiency optimization opportunities;
  • Effective management through periodic performance reports on asset status.

See below an equipment and solution list for the (3-224 MVA each) 525 kV transformer bank at the Blumenau Substation:

  1. TM1 and TM2 + RIP (Temperature monitors 1 and 2 and snap-on installation panel);
  2. BM Bushing Monitor for AT and MT;
  3. Cellular Modem;
  4. Sigma4net ™ Software;
  5. Comprehensive training, covering system use and operation.

Treetech Sistemas Digitais

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