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Smart Solutions for Smart Grids

The Odessaoblenergo energy utility is responsible for supplying electric energy throughout the entire Odessa Region, Ukraine, with a daily transmission average of 660MW, reaching close to 1,000MW in peak moments. The energy is transmitted at 110kV and 50Hz.

Odessa, the third largest city in the Ukraine, is the capital city of region covered by Odessaoblenergo, with over 1.1 million inhabitants. Located on the coast of the Black Sea, Odessa is one of the Ukraine’s most important tourist attractions, in addition to being a cultural, scientific and industrial center and site of the country’s largest sea harbor.

Due to the region’s economic and strategic importance, power supply continuity is a major concern at Odessaoblenergo, where in recent years efforts have focused increased transmission and distribution reliability.

Similar to what is happening in other parts of the world; on-line equipment monitoring is seen as the main tool in increasing reliability, which is mainly dependent on transformer performance.


At the same time this need was observed, Treetech established in 2004, in the city of Zaporozhye, Ukraine, a commercial representation office covering all the countries in the CEI (former-Soviet Union). This made possible, in a joint work between Treetech and MEZ (Moscow Electrozavod) transformer manufacturer, a new three-phase, 110/10.5-10.5kV 40MVA transformer purchased by Odessaoblenergo to be delivered already equipped with intelligent sensors, ready for integration into an on-line monitoring system.

In a visit to Russia and Ukraine, from December 01st to 14th 2004, Eng°. Marcos Alves, from Treetech, visited in Odessa to deliver technical maintenance training and perform equipment commissioning for the Treetech equipment. Following the delivery of the transformer equipped with the Treetech intelligent sensor system, a demonstration was given of the ease in putting Treetech’s Sigma monitoring system in operation by simply installing it on a computer and connecting it to the transformer by way of a pair of cables.

On that occasion, the diagnosis/prognosis functions of the Sigma Software were also demonstrated.


Scope of Supply to Odessaoblenergo and MEZ:

1 – Sensors (IEDs) installed on the transformer and in the control room:

  • TM1 Temperature Monitor (oil and winding temperatures).
  • RR Rapid Relays (multiplication of switch off contacts).
  • DM1 Data Capture Module (digitizing of dry contacts).
  • AVR Voltage Regulation Relay (automatic tap control).
  • PI TAP Position Indicator (TAP manual control and supervision).
  • Digital Transducer (torque of the motor of the tap under load).
  • Serial RS485/RS232 Converter.

2 – Sigma On-Line Monitoring System, Scalable and Modular Digitizing System that offers:

  • Safe access via commercial browser
  • On-line visualization
  • Data base, report charts and tables
  • Diagnosis and Prognosis of the transformer’s condition
  • Alarm indication system that sends warnings via e-mail or SMS messages
  • Other IT functions
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