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Smart Solutions for Smart Grids
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The exclusivity of the Treetech sensor for the real monitoring of the condition of capacitive bushings is valid until 2030.

In 2013, the same entity certified Treetech’s ongoing search to develop its product, by granting a second patent to the Bushing Monitor, due to “Improvements Introduced to the Monitoring System of Dielectric Condition of High Voltage Equipment with Capacitive Insulation, such as Condensing Bushings, Current Transformers, Power Transformers, and Similar”.

With the second patent, Treetech brought a new concept in the development of bushing diagnosis, observing – and proving – the presence of faults of fast evolution and very fast evolution. Faults of this nature, with the improvements of the BM, may be detected in the incipient phase, allowing for immediate treatment, and thus avoiding more serious consequences.

With cases of success, scientific articles, and patents conceded in the USA, the Bushing Monitor already claims recognition in new territories, with patents requested in Brazil and European Union.

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