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Smart Solutions for Smart Grids

SDT – Smart Device for Temperature Monitoring


The Smart Device for Temperature Monitoring – SDT is an equipment that combines thermal protection and control to the main functionalities of a voltage regulator relay.

Based on the readings of the temperature of the insulating oil and one or more transformer load currents, SDT performs temperature calculations (thermal image) of one or more windings and acts on the temperature management of the asset (functions 26 and 49).

Besides, during its operation, the SDT aims to maintain the quality of the voltage in the load, that is, within a certain range of values, programmed by the user. For this, in addition to performing the function of relays 90, SDT presents a series of applications to meet the most stringent standards in the electrical sector.

Finally, Treetech SDT has been specially designed to integrate in a harmonic and complete way with any product that supports the Modbus® (standard), DNP3 and IEC 61850 (optional).

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