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Smart Solutions for Smart Grids

Sigma EAM is an IT platform for the advanced management of assets of the electric power carriers, incorporating the Smart Grid and IoT philosophies.

Optimized management of assets and resources of maintenance for the reduction of operational costs and maximization of outcomes.

Sigma EAM gathers, in a single platform, information that frequently is dispersed in several data “silos”, which allows automatizing in an intelligent and efficient manner the main procedures of maintenance engineering and asset management:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Human resource management
  • Material resource management
  • Management of the protection relays and intelligent sensors
  • Checking of compliance with the regulatory requirements
  • Maintenance Interface with the operation
  • Management control of expenses
  • Indicators of effectiveness of maintenance

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Efficiency allied to Simplicity and Usability

Sigma EAM offers features that meet all the needs of the assets management, maintenance engineering, and performance of maintenance of electric power carriers. Watch the video below or click here for more details.

Smart Grid and IoT

Allying the background of Treetech team with its pioneerism in the development of Intelligent Sensors and Online Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Prognostics software of the condition of high voltage equipment, the EAM was developed already incorporating the Smart Grid and IoT philosophies. This allows for a natural integration of the online monitoring sensors and systems with the routines of maintenance engineering and performance of field activities. Click here for more details.

Predictive Maintenance and Analytics

Sigma EAM definitively consolidates the migration procedure of Preventive maintenance to Predictive, based on the actual condition of the assets, instead of simple cycles of time or of counters. This is possible due to the native integration of the EAM to the online monitoring systems, especially Treetech’s Sigma ECM, which provides diagnosis and prognostics of the condition of the assets from engineering algorithms and data of sensors obtained in real time. Click here for more details.

Specific tool of the electric sector

Sigma EAM is based on the entire know-how of Treetech in engineering of maintenance and reliability, specification, design, construction, testing, commissioning, operation, and online monitoring of assets. Thus, the EAM was specially designed to the needs of the electric sector, aiming at simultaneously meeting the needs of the specialized technical management and maximization of results, in perfect synergy with the activity of the power carriers, not being a generic solution, or adapted from other segments.

Treetech Differential

For over 25 years Treetech is a pioneer in the development Intelligent Sensors and GTD asset Online Monitoring, providing innovative, prize-winner solutions internationally and with several patents in Brazil and worldwide, seeking to keep the safety and continuity of the electric system, with more than 85,000 equipment units and 400 systems operating in 50 countries. With the Sigma EAM, the expertise of more than 35 years of technical and managerial performance of this multidisciplinary team in carriers and manufacturers of assets is now available to the Asset Management. Click here for more details.

Modularity and Usability

Sigma EAM has a modular structure that is easily adjustable to the processes and flows of work of user companies, which simplify its initial implementation process. Its interface, 100% web-based, allows to simultaneously open several screens in parallel tabs and exempts the installation of specific software in the user computers. The expertise of simple, intuitive, and efficient use is complemented by the Mobile application, which allows the offline usage and posterior synchronization. Click here for more details.

Open Architecture

The philosophy of open architecture is a premise in all Treetech solutions, of sensors and online monitoring system to Sigma EAM. Thus, the EAM can be integrated with several types of systems, especially ERP’s, ONS systems, such as SAM (Maintenance Follow-up System), and Scada systems. This open architecture also allows the integration of proprietary applications of the user with full safety through webservices, guaranteeing the integrity of the EAM’ business rules. Click here for more details.

Unification of data “silos”

Regardless of company size, it is common that the data are isolated in several “silos” such as dedicated software, electronic sheets, independent files, paper records, and others, which store such information with dispersion and that, if used with integration, would be crucial for the optimized management of processes:

    • Events of defects or non-compliances
    • Corrective maintenance records
    • History of preventive and predictive maintenances
    • Test results
    • Studies of the protective system
    • Adjustments of the protection relays
    • Settings of intelligent sensors
    • Diagnostics of online monitoring systems
    • Among others.

Sigma EAM solves this issue consistently by acting as a single source of data, gathering all key information in the same platform, which allows intelligently and efficiently automatizing the main procedures of maintenance engineering and management of assets, maximizing corporate outcomes.

The ideal tool for the intelligent and optimized management of assets

The natural complexity of the activities of generation, transmission and distribution of power, allied to the continuous pressures for greater reliability, cost reduction and better results makes it fundamental to resort to an intelligent system for asset management. This need becomes even more evident in the scenario of assets near the end of their useful life and loss of knowledge of the experts due to retirements or team reductions.

In this context, Sigma EAM is a complete tool, with all features necessary for an intelligent and optimized management of assets and the planning and control of performance of maintenances and use of material and human resources.

Predictive Maintenance

    • Native integration with online Sigma ECM Monitoring System
    • Integration of online monitoring to maintenance processes
    • Planning of predictive maintenance
    • Automatic generation of service orders based on the status of assets
    • Conduction of tests and outcomes records

Preventive Maintenance

    • Planning of preventive maintenance
    • Automatic generation of service orders
    • Service order processing in batch for greater productivity

Corrective Maintenance

    • Record and analysis of defects
    • Generation of corrective service orders
    • Management indicators of corrective maintenance

Resource Management

    • Automatic schedule of service orders
    • Planning of human and material resources for the performance of OS

Management of Protections and Intelligent Sensors

    • Record of protection studies
    • Orders for adjustment of protection relays
    • Orders for adjustment of intelligent sensors
    • History of orders for adjustment of protection relays and sensors

Regulatory Management

    • Registration of equipment and facilities in accordance with ANEEL’s Assets Control Manual – Unitization of Assets
    • Automatic interface with the Maintenance Follow-up System (SAM) of ONS (National Electric System Operator)
    • Natural compatibility of the company’s procedures with ANEEL’s Minimum Maintenance Requirements (RMM)
    • Checking of compliance with the regulatory requirements

Mobile Application

    • Elimination of paper use in the performance of the services
    • Resource usage batch schedule for SO’s
    • Technical data of assets and facilities readily available
    • Manuals, drawings, pictures, instructions, etc. readily available
    • Greater productivity of field teams and accuracy of information
    • Best managerial control


    • Interface of the maintenance engineering with the pre-operation
    • Reports for generation of Intervention Requests

Managerial Control

    • Setting the Responsibility Actions at key points of the processes: Knowledge, Analysis, Release and Authorization
    • Reports in tables and charts freely configurable

Main Modules

Sigma EAM® has modular structure, easily adjustable to the processes of the carrier, and simple and intuitive web interface allowing to open several screens simultaneously in parallel tabs and no specific software is required in users’. computers

Maintenance Plans – MP

Planning of predictive maintenance plans controlled by the online monitoring system (Sigma ECM), o Preventive based on time and/or in the development of counters. Hierarchical maintenance planning with change of activities after certain a number of performances. Template plans for eventual activities such as commissioning, corrective actions, and others.

Reports (KPI’s)

Tabular and chart reports freely configurable by users, allowing crossing correlated data existing in the EAM data base to generate KPI (Key Performance Indicators) whether financial, managerial or technical.

Service Orders – SO

Programming and indication of maintenance performed. Records of planning and resource usage – manpower, vehicles, materials, special equipment, and third-party services. MPs, NTs or Adjustment Documents can be generated or generated separately. Reports for maintenance engineering interface with the pre-operation intervention to generate Intervention Requests.

Mobile Application

Tablet or smartphone application fulfilling all service needs in field, increasing the productivity and eliminating paper, indication of SO’s in batch. Information on service performance, test forms and adjustment orders at your fingertips, as well as technical data of assets and facilities, manuals, drawings, instructions, pictures, etc. Report of defects with pictures.

Technical Notes – TNs

Service request or record of non-compliance from occurrences and pre-registered causes, attaching pictures or documents. Automatic notification of the section in charge and starting point for generating the corrective SO. Data source for defects analysis and control and management follow-up of corrective maintenance.

Maintenance Follow-Up System – ONS

Automatic Interface of EAM with SAM-ONS, allowing the natural compatibility with planning and performance processes of the carrier maintenance with ANEEL’s Minimum Maintenance Requirements (RMM), indicating any need for adjustment and allowing easy management monitoring of regulation service.

Automatic Planning

Automatic schedule of the Service Order performance in respect to the resource availability on the scheduled dates – manpower, vehicles, special equipment, materials and third-party services – and priority level of each SO, suggesting alternative dates as needed.


Configuration of Responsibility Actions of Knowledge, Analysis, Release or Authorization in key points of processes flow, allowing greater control of coordinators and managers on the critical actions performed on the system. Automatic notifications of actions required for those responsible and return to requesting party.

Tests Reports

Tests results record based on freely configurable forms adjusted to any and all test type or inspection, allowing the centralization of information and elimination of papers, spreadsheets or other disperse means of record. Periodical and compulsory control of performance by attaching MPs or SO’s.


Active records and installations in line with ANEEL’s Assets Control Manual, for easy unitization of assets and record updating. Resources enrollment for performance of services, featured to ensure the proper use of labor, vehicles, special equipment, material and services from third parties. Organizational structures enrollments: carriers, sections, teams, service providers, suppliers, etc., integrated to ERP system enrollments, as applicable.

Adjustment Studies and Documents

Records of the protection studies and adjusting orders generated thereby with review control ensuring the history maintenance. Record of the intelligent sensors settings installed in large quantities with the adoption of Smart Grids and IoT Control of adjustment implementation by attaching the SO’s.

General Prices Catalog

Interface for easy query and update the unit costs of resources of manpower, vehicles, special equipment, materials and third-party services, allowing the Reports (KPI) module to provide up-to-date reliable financial reports. Integrated to ERP system costs modules, as applicable.

Works Daily-Log

Interface to increase the productivity in the performance of the maintenance service, also available in Mobile application. It allows the daily record of the activities performed regardless if they were previously scheduled and the indication in batch of both material and human resources used in the Service Orders.

Implementation Module

Filling in batches the records during initial implementation of EAM and in large expansions through the generation of MS Excel® spreadsheets automatically according to the hierarchy between the records. Automatic checking of data according to the EAM business rules indicating directly the necessary adjustments into spreadsheets.

Architecture and Integration of Systems


Intelligent Sensors installed in the Assets

    • Continuous measurement of the parameters of Asset operation
    • Local and independent intrinsic protection of Assets
    • Local and independent command and control
    • Maintenance-free sensors
    • Providing data for the Online Monitoring System
    • World’s largest line of intelligent electronic sensors

Advanced Management System of Assets

    • Intelligent management of Process and Resources for performing the maintenance
    • Optimization and standardization of the maintenance activities
    • Maintenance Interface with the operation
    • Managerial indicators of effectiveness of maintenance
    • Optimization of operating costs
    • Maximizing return on investment

Online Monitoring System

    • Online Monitoring, Diagnosis and Prognosis of Assets
    • Data transformed into Information for decision-making
    • Maintenance Engineering Optimization
    • Prevention of insurance claims in the Assets
    • Reduction of penalties for sudden shutdowns of assets
    • Insurance premium reduction

Interface with Scada, ERP and ONS Systems

    • Support to real time operation
    • Indication and systemic events record
    • Interface with business administration
    • Information for financial planning
    • Checking KPIs outcomes and setting
    • Maintenance Follow-up System (SAM-ONS)


Customizable analysis algorithms built upon the Calculus Engine, using all available data in Sigma EAM, Sigma ECM, Smart Sensors and other integrated systems, with real time information exhibition in BI - Business Intelligence - dashboards or in reports such as:

  • Transformers Health Index, circuit breakers, disconnect switches and other high voltage assets;
  • Criticality Index or Asset importance;
  • Risk Index;
  • Risk Matrix;
  • Reliability Indicators, such as failure rates and probabilities, MTBF, MTTF, MTTR;
  • Maintenance Effectiveness Indicators;
  • Maintenance Costs Indicators;
  • Operation Index;
  • Any other customized by the user.












The EAM calculation engine is a tool that allows configuration of both Analytics and process automation functions, such as:

  • Asset prioritization for maintenance, aiming the condition of each equipment (sensors, testing, inspection, etc.) and also its criticality/risk to the company;
  • Optimized maintenance planning by Genetic Algorithms;
  • Recognition of defect and failure patterns by Machine Learning;
  • Optimization of selected indicators;
  • And others defined by the user.

For this purpose, it has an interface for free creation and configuration of calculus, logic and algorithms for correlation of variables – statistical, deterministic or with Computational Intelligence ones -, allowing the generation of relevant data for technical and management decision making from raw data, process optimization/automation and other functionalities.

Its configuration interface is friendly, allowing users with no programming knowledge, but knowing the equipment and processes, to build and modify algorithms using a simple syntax for writing logical and math equations. Alternatively, the Calculation Engine also permits algorithms to be written using the Python open programming language, opening the possibility of creation of AI algorithms from a group of libraries provided.

The Calculation Engine can use as input data for both calculus and algorithms all information available in tests and inspection logs, technical reports (malfunction reports), work orders, installation register, equipment register, etc, as well as information imported from other systems attached to EAM, as equipment on-line monitoring systems and the sensors connected to them, the ERP (SAP or any other), the Scada, the SAM or others.


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