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Smart Solutions for Smart Grids

Eletrosul Centrais Elétricas designed the Itajaí 2 substation to meet the demand of the east of the state of Santa Catarina and deliver energy with quality and reliability to 1.1 million inhabitants. The substation brought a capacity increase of 300MVA to the interlinked system in the country’s southern region.

Trafo Equipamento Elétricos, traditional transformer manufacturer with plants in Gravataí, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and Hortolândia, in the state of São Paulo, supplied Itajaí 2 with three-phase, 150 MVA – 230 / 138 / 13.8 kV transformers with on-load tap changer, in addition to a real time monitoring system that allows remote and local access to transformers. This system is the first Eletrosul’s transformer monitoring system.

Trafo, after having assessed a number of specialist companies in transformer monitoring, selected 3 of them for a workshop where each one presented its respective system in details to the company engineers. Among the participants, Treetech was the only 100% national company. From the work done in this workshop, Treetech was considered the best-suited company to supply a complete solution – sensors and system.

Specialist experience, aggregate knowledge and know-how of Eletrosul staff were added to the diagnosis and prognosis models of Treetech’s Sigma Software, which due to its flexibility was able to accept and incorporate the new, client-specific analysis and diagnosis models.

Treetech Delivery:

1- Sensors (IEDs) for transformer command and control project realized by Trafo:

  • TM1 and TM2 Temperature Monitors;
  • BMM Bushing Monitor;
  • SPS Parallelism Supervisor;
  • DM Data capture and control module for remote contact status monitoring;

2- Sigma Monitoring Software:

  • Digitizing of main readings from sensors installed on the transformer;
  • Cooling Maintenance Module;
  • OLTC Maintenance Module;
  • Insulation Ageing Module;
  • Final Gradient Module;
  • Chromatography Module;
  • Physical-Chemical Property Test Module;
  • Cooling Efficiency Module;
  • Temperature Differential Module;
  • Motor Torque Module;
  • Moisture in Paper Module;
  • OLTC Moisture Module;

3- Services:

  • Installing and configuring server;
  • Installing and configuring software;
  • Test and inspection plan during system implementation phase;
  • Software operating and maintenance training for substation operators;

Project Highlights:

  • 1st transformer monitoring system installed on Eletrosul equipment;
  • The system has operated uninterruptedly since December 2001;
  • In 2003, Treetech up-dated SIGMA, offering a more modern design with even more
  • resources, rendering the system more intuitive interactive.
  • In December 2005, Sigma will receive a new up-date, with new IT resources and easier use functionalities, such digitizing of new equipment installed on the transformers (Moisture in Oil monitor – MO), monitoring and configuration of all Gases Monitors installed on transformers in different Eletrosul substations, alarm monitoring through e-mails and new calendar and configuration of report date intervals.
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