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Smart Solutions for Smart Grids

lg-transpetroTo ensure the storage and transport of oil & by-products, biofuels and natural gas throughout the Brazilian territory, Transpetro (Petrobras Transportes S.A.) invested in the improvement of its electrical system. Controlled by Petrobras, the unit has modernized the monitoring of capacitive bushings, temperature and voltage regulation of the 69 kV transformers supplied by Itel to the substation for transmission of power in São Francisco do Sul, state of Santa Catarina, and the intermediate station of Itararé, in the state of Paraná.

“The improvements will service the Santa Catarina-Paraná (Ospar) oil pipeline, which supplies Presidente Getúlio Vargas (Repar) Refinery and distributes products to both states,” informs Jorge Luis do Amaral, maintenance technician at Petrobras.

The Company is considered as the top processor of natural gas in the country, holding capacity to process approximately 15 million m³/day, to be increased to 23 million m³/day until 2011.

In April 2010, Treetech Sistemas Digitais, responsible for the completion of the Project for improvement of the electrical system at Transpetro, implemented its line of protection, command and control sensors for monitoring of transformers. According to Márcio Costa, Commercial Coordinator at Treetech, the company’s architecture facilitated “both technically and financially the substation performance”. He reports, “we replaced the analog technology by the digital one”. Thus, by assuring the product storage and transport control, “Treetech, by its systems, should contribute to keep Transpetro taking development to the Country,” concludes the coordinator.

Treetech Supply

Listed below are the pieces of equipment and solutions implemented in the 2 x 69kV distribution transformers:

  1. TM1 + PIR (Temperature Monitor and Fast Installation Panel)
  2. BM (Bushing Monitor)
  3. PI (Position Indicator)
  4. AVR (Voltage Regulation Relay)
  5. Complete training on the utilization and operation of all the pieces of equipment

All the improvements made by Transpetro, counting on the coordination of Eng. Jorge, reinforce the Petrobras position as a world-class technology leader. With greater quality and reliability in the operation of its electrical assets, the production is continuous, the environment is preserved and the customer satisfaction is assured.

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