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On the 5th, 6th and 7th of October, Treetech supported and participated in the “Substations, High and Extra High Voltage Course”. The event was organized by the students of UFABC, in Santo André, who are part of the local IEEE PES. The university was also chosen as the venue of the lectures, which were given by Engineer Ary D’Ajuz, from the National Electric Power System Operator (‘ONS’).

Students from the engineering courses, university lecturers, technicians and engineers made up the group, which had over 60 enrolled, and they had the opportunity of visiting the South Substation of ISA-CTEEP (Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista), also in Santo André, on the last day.

An employee of ONS in Brasilia, from where the national electric power sector is controlled, Ary D’Ajuz used all his experience in the field to discuss several subjects, like “Layout of busbars”, “Switching equipment”, “Measuring transformer” and “Reactive compensation”.

Besides, Gilberto Amorim, from Treetech, also spoke about the importance of monitoring the main electrical components of the substation.

A pioneer in the substation monitoring sector in Brazil, Treetech supports the training of professionals in pursuit of development of the national electric power sector.


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