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Smart Solutions for Smart Grids

Between 18 and 21 October, Treetech team was in Foz do Iguaçu to attend the XXIII SNPTEE [National Seminar on Production and Transmission of Electricity]. During the event, which again was a success, organizers honored the Treetech booth. The company participated with the presentation of three technical papers in the seminar study groups (click on the titles to have access to full text articles):

  • Experience with the implementation of a National Center for Smart Asset Management in Paraguay;
  • Intelligent sensing of transformers for integration of management systems;
  • Effectiveness comparison of offline test x online monitoring of bushings for defect detection.

Treetech representatives at the event, Gilberto Amorim and Márcio da Costa (firsts from left to right in picture) were visited by Cesar Zani – Furnas Chief Operating Officer  , Josias Matos – Cigré-BR President, Jorge Miguel Samek – Itaipu Chief Executive Officer, Altino Ventura Filho – Secretary of Energy Planning and Development, Istvan Gardos – ONS, e  José Carlos Miranda – CHESF President (left to right, the third on).


The SNPTEE in its 23rd edition, was conducted by the National Committee of Production and Transmission of Electricity (Cigré-Brazil), with organization of Itaipu Binacional, and featured over 500 technical articles organized into 16 subject groups on technical innovations, maintenance and operation of power plants and transmission lines, trade and energy saving, environmental impacts and managerial aspects of the Brazilian electric sector. The event, which had its first edition in 1972 happens again in 2017, based in Curitiba.

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